Pulp fiction can be characterized as "fast-paced, plot-oriented storytelling of a linear nature with clearly defined, larger than life protagonists and antagonists, creative descriptions, clever use of turns of phrase and other aspects of writing that add to the intensity and pacing of the story."

The earliest pulp stories were printed in pulp magazines from 1896 through the 1950s. The term pulp derives from the cheap wood pulp paper on which the magazines were printed. Magazines printed on higher quality paper were called "glossies" or "slicks". Pulp were most often priced at ten cents per mag


Black Ops (Expeditionary Force, #4)
Split the Party (Spells, Swords, & Stealth, #2)
Grunge (Monster Hunter Memoirs, #1)
Honky Tonk Samurai
The Price You Pay
The Ruby Throne (Michael Moorcock's Elric, #1)
The First Bird: Episode 1 (The First Bird, #1)
A Man Lies Dreaming
Old Mars
Old Venus
Joe Golem: Occult Detective, Vol. 1: The Rat Catcher and the Sunken Dead
Ghostwalkers (Deadlands, #1)
Sinners (Monster Hunter Memoirs, #2)
Five Ghosts, Volume 1: The Haunting of Fabian Gray (Five Ghosts, #1)

Popular Pulp Books

A Princess of Mars (Barsoom, #1)
Tarzan of the Apes (Tarzan, #1)
The Gods of Mars (Barsoom #2)
The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian (Conan the Cimmerian, #1)
The Man of Bronze (Doc Savage, #1)
The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane
The Warlord of Mars (Barsoom, #3)
The Big Sleep (Philip Marlowe, #1)
The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)
The Maltese Falcon
The Chessmen of Mars (Barsoom #5)
Angels & Demons  (Robert Langdon, #1)
Red Harvest
The Return of Tarzan (Tarzan, #2)

Nick Harkaway
Nick Harkaway Tigerman
On a radioactive island a middle-aged British sergeant becomes a crime-fighting superhero in Tigerman, a genre-bending adventure from the author of Angelmaker.
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J.G. Ballard
Kandinski looked up. 'Do you read science fiction?' he asked matter-of-factly. 'Not as a rule,' Ward admitted. When Kandinski said nothing he went on: 'Perhaps I’m too skeptical, but I can’t take it too seriously.' Kandinski pulled at a blister on his palm. 'No one suggests you should. What you mean is that you take it too seriously.' Accepting the rebuke with a smile at himself, Ward pulled out one of the magazines and sat down at a table next to Kandinski. On the cover was a placid suburban se ...more
J.G. Ballard

If these yarns were trash - and millions of parents must have regarded them as such - then they were the best of all kinds of trash. They were trash for connoisseurs of trash. Trash for people who understood just how good trash could really be.
Don Hutchison, The Great Pulp Heroes

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