Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan "What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner." It includes fiction with science fiction, fantasy or horror themes.

It is a subgenre of fantasy and speculative fiction that came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes works set in an era or world where STEAM POWER is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of eith

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To Catch A Rogue (London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy #4)
Supernova (Amulet, #8)
Monstress, Vol. 3: Haven (Monstress, #3)
The Lantern's Ember
The Mona Lisa Key (Time Castaways #1)
A Dastardly Plot (A Perilous Journey of Danger and Mayhem #1)
The Queen of Crows (The Sacred Throne, #2)
Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy #1)
Storm Glass (Harbinger #1)
Eye of Truth (Agents of the Crown, #1)
Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)
Foundryside (Founders, #1)
Monstress, Vol. 3: Haven (Monstress, #3)
The Plastic Magician (The Paper Magician, #4)
Les Fiancés de l'hiver
The Rithmatist (The Rithmatist, #1)
The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter (The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club, #1)
Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School, #1)
Dragon Storm (Heritage of Power, #1)
Prudence (The Custard Protocol, #1)
Sins of Empire (Gods of Blood and Powder, #1)
A Gift of Poison (The Kingmakers' War, #1)
Unraveled (Heritage of Power, #4)
A Furious Muse by A.J. NuestThe Sacrifice by A.J. NuestA Time of Reckoning by A.J. NuestA Wizard Rises by A.J. NuestDo You Remember? by Mandy Baggot
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City of Bones by Cassandra ClareAberrant by Ruth  SilverCity of Glass by Cassandra ClareCity of Ashes by Cassandra ClareA Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
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Real by Katy EvansDriven by K. BrombergBully by Penelope DouglasCollide by Gail McHughBeautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
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Soulless by Gail CarrigerLeviathan by Scott WesterfeldBoneshaker by Cherie PriestPerdido Street Station by China MiévilleThe Time Machine by H.G. Wells
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Soulless (Parasol Protectorate, #1)
Leviathan (Leviathan, #1)
Changeless (Parasol Protectorate, #2)
Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1)
Blameless (Parasol Protectorate, #3)
Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)
Heartless (Parasol Protectorate, #4)
Timeless (Parasol Protectorate, #5)
The Iron Duke (Iron Seas, #1)
Behemoth (Leviathan, #2)
Curtsies & Conspiracies (Finishing School, #2)
Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2)
Goliath (Leviathan, #3)
Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk, #1)
Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)

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Steampunk, cosplay, and cats! The Dresden Files author chats about The Aeronaut's Windlass, first in a new series packed with action and grand-scale conspiracies.
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A.F. Stewart
Follow those rats! They may lead us back to Muggins!
A.F. Stewart, Mechanized Masterpieces: a Steampunk Anthology

Gail Carriger
So, did you hold back during that test?" "Maybe a little," Sophronia admitted. Soap grinned. "That's my girl." Sophronia glared at him. He was getting familiar. "You are, miss." He continued to grin. "I'm my own girl, thank you very much.
Gail Carriger, Curtsies & Conspiracies

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