Superhero fiction is a genre originating in and most common to American comic books, though it has expanded into other media through adaptations and original works.

The form is a type of speculative fiction examining the adventures of costumed crime fighters known as superheroes, who often possess superhuman powers and battle similarly powered criminals known as supervillains.

Eternity Girl
Batman, Volume 8: Cold Days
Mera: Queen of Atlantis
Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1: Back to Basics
Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 8: On the Outside
Wonder Woman, Volume 7: Amazons Attacked
The Flash, Vol. 8: Flash War
Superman, Vol. 7: Bizarroverse
Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide Vol. 9
Green Arrow, Volume 6: Trial of Two Cities
Hero for the Holidays (Spandex and Superpowers, #4)
Archenemies (Renegades, #2)
The Man of Steel
Fuse: Bolt Saga Volume 4: Parts 10, 11 12
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 9: Squirrels Fall Like Dominoes
Archenemies (Renegades, #2)
Vengeful (Villains, #2)
Captain Marvel, Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More
Renegades (Renegades, #1)
Calamity (The Reckoners, #3)
Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons, #3)
Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal
Batman: White Knight
Spider-Gwen, Vol. 1: Greater Power
Firefight (The Reckoners, #2)
Spider-Gwen, Vol. 0: Most Wanted?
僕のヒーローアカデミア 1 [Boku No Hero Academia 1] (My Hero Academia, #1)
Runaways, Vol. 1: Find Your Way Home
Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons, #1)
Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen: Sitting in a Tree
The Vision, Volume 1 by Tom KingMs. Marvel, Vol. 5 by G. Willow WilsonDoctor Strange, Vol. 1 by Jason AaronThe Mighty Thor, Volume 1 by Jason AaronThe Ultimates by Al Ewing
Marvel Comics 2016 Collected Editions
119 books — 64 voters
Saga, Vol. 1 by Brian K. VaughanMs. Marvel, Vol. 1 by G. Willow WilsonRat Queens, Vol. 1 by Kurtis J. WiebeWonder Woman, Volume 1 by Brian AzzarelloBatwoman by Greg Rucka
Kickass women in superhero comics
548 books — 470 voters

Spider-Man by Jeph LoebThe Amazing Spider-Man by J.M. DeMatteisThe Amazing Spider-Man by Gerry ConwayThe Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 1 by Dan SlottUltimate Spider-Man, Volume 1 by Brian Michael Bendis
Best of Spider-Man!
190 books — 108 voters
Watchmen by Alan MooreBatman by Frank MillerBatman by Alan MooreBatman by Frank MillerBatman by Jeph Loeb
Best Superhero Graphic Novels
517 books — 388 voters

Popular Superheroes Books

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal
Steelheart (The Reckoners, #1)
Batman: The Killing Joke
Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why
Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons, #1)
Hawkeye, Volume 1: My Life as a Weapon
Vicious (Villains, #1)
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: Year One
Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3: Crushed
Renegades (Renegades, #1)

Gene Luen Yang
Gene Luen Yang The Shadow Hero
His Favorite Superheroes: Just in time for his revival of the Green Turtle in The Shadow Hero, the comic book creator names his top five iconic characters.
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Michael  Grant
Superpowers, don't always make you a superhero. - Duck
Michael Grant, Hunger

C.B. Cook
Antarctica. You know, that giant continent at the bottom of the earth that’s ruled by penguins and seals.
C.B. Cook, Twinepathy

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