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Diverse Divers This is an online book club aiming to connect book lovers from all over the world who are willin…more

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A group for everyone in our class to follow each other's reading progress, see how we rated book…more

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EVERYONE Has Read This but Me - The Catch-Up Book Club Click HERE for the latest group announcements. "It reminded me of ____ but in space." "I read _…more

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Underground Knowledge — A discussion group This global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underrep…more

10,599 members, last active 10 minutes ago

unfettered rubbish-talking about the meaning of science, societal shift, and the role of academi…more

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Share books and discuss them

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Can We Read Together? I'm Manish Narayan Welcomes you to the group. Reading gonna be great fun if we start together an…more

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HTBAW Launch Group Launch Members for How the Bible Actually Works

6 members, last active 11 hours ago

#2019WW2BookClub A club started by Jake and Iggy focusing on the holocaust and World War 2. We are reading one bo…more

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HITH Book Club "It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was…more

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Spells, Space & Screams: Collections & Anthologies in Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Welcome to the kingdom of short stories! Every month we will read a collection or anthology. Eac…more

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Romance Retreat All your romance read needs in one place.

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For Love of a Book This group was created to connect lovers of stories across the internet with their characters an…more

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Thriller fans Hou jij ook van thrillers en detectives? Word dan snel lid van deze groep! Deze groep hanteert h…more

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Fanatieke Nederlandse Lezers Welkom bij de Fanatieke Nederlandse Lezers groep! Wij staan open voor iedereen. De voertaal is N…more

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Books Ever After Welkom bij Books Ever After, de gezelligste boekenclub van Nederland! We hebben altijd 1 maandbo…more

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Fantasy/Sci-Fi We're busy with getting good Science-Fiction and Fantasy books in this group. Come and stick wit…more

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Netherlands & Flanders group This group is for Dutch/Flemish readers mainly and offers a broad range of topics. However, the…more

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Support for Indie Authors Officially 10k Members Strong & Climbing!! Building and supporting a community of self-published…more

13,901 members, last active 7 minutes ago

A discussion of women in literary science fiction.

1,711 members, last active an hour ago

Love & Social Change We offer love, compassion & kindness to create a better world. The moderator proposes books by &…more

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YA Story Sisters Book Club This is the reading club hosted by a group of YA writers called The YA Story Sisters. Once a mon…more

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